Monday, January 9, 2012

Analysis tecniques in detail- Classical methods -Titration curves

The titration curve can be plotted using experimental results or can be calculated theoretically. It gives an indication of the completion of the reaction. The size and the steepness of the vertical portion of the titration curve around the experimental point governs the feasibility of the titration by accurate and precise location of the experimental end point.

 A generalized titration curve

The derivative curve

pB = - log [B]
When the magnitude of the free energy during a particular titration is larger the vertical portion of the slope of the titration curve is long and steep and the maximum value of the derivative curve is also large. The titration curve is useful :

a) In establishing the feasibility of a particular reaction to be used in titration,
b) In the prediction of the sharpness of the end point,
c) In the selection of the suitable indicator.


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