Monday, January 9, 2012

Neutralization of a weak acid with a weak base


For the following reaction, pH of the solution at the equivalence point is,

For the titration of 0.1M acetic acid with 0.1m aqueous ammonia the pH at the equivalence point is 7.1

If you cant see the image clearly, please click on it.

There is no sudden pH change and hence no sharp end point can be formed with any simple indicator.

  1. Calculate the standard free energy change for the neutralization of 0.1M acetic acid with 0.1M aqueous      ammonia
  2. Compare this value with the values you obtained for the standard free energy change in previous experiments and comment on the feasibility of this titration.
  3.  Discuss the feasibility of titration of a solution of formic acid pKa = 3.75) with a solution of piperidine (pKb = 2.80)


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